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 FILUB HT - 4218
ANTI SEIZE - This is a metallic silver high temperature grease designed to provide excellent lubrication under extreme pressure and high temp. Protection up to 600°C. . Greatly decreases corrosion, pitting, seizing, galling, rusting and thread distortion. This product is fortified with aluminum. It has a no-gumming base and no-Dropping Point, so it will not run out when heated. Remains effective longer than most other lubricants. Provides excellent lubrication and protection, reduces corrosion, pitting, rusting and galling of metal parts, to machinery stored outdoors even near swamps, oceans or other damp areas. Required for almost all industries. Color: Metallic Silver
 FILUB C - 7026
HIGH TEMPERATURE, SEVERE SERVICE ANTI-SEIZE & LUBRICATING COMPOUND - A top quality compound composed of fine copper powder - This extreme pressure and temperature lubricant and sealant protects metal parts under sustained temperatures up to 1000°C. Will not wash off ... Non-melting - Will not evaporate, separate or harden - Reduces torque requirements - Acts as a sealant, reduces friction and wear on rubber and metal parts, and all gaskets, shortens downtime, cuts replacement costs, makes tighter, firmer joints possible that open even more easily, speeds up assembly and disassembly of parts. - High quality formula additives prevent galling, seizing, galvanic action, pitting, and thread distortion allowing them to be re-used many times over. - Prevents breakage during dismounting after exposure to high temperatures. Prevents seizing and welding together of metal parts. One application assures long term protection, even in damp atmospheres or corrosive salt spray conditions. Resists steam and weathering indoors or out. Color : Copper.
Applications include: All nuts and bolts, bushings, centers, cam rollers, slow moving bearings, compressors, conveyors, couplings, dies, drills, fittings, gears, generators, keyways, motors, packings, press fits, pumps, shafts, sleeves, slides, taps, turbines, valves, wristpins and more. Steel mills and foundries, oil refineries and chemical plants, construction and farm equipment, autos and trucks (fleet maintenance), electric power and other utilities, oil drilling and mining, diesel and gasoline engines, marine motors and shipyards, paper mills and machine shops.
  FILUB HP 5 - 3105
DRILLING - TAPPING - DRAWING LUBRICANT - for manual uses - Gives maximum lubricating properties for long tool life and less sharpening, less down times Can be used on all ferous and non ferrous. Excellent as bicycle chain, cable and wire rope, lock, slide lubricant.
BLUE LITHIUM GREASE - An all purpose lubricant for all moving metal parts. Effective in all weather conditions moisture resistant. Will not run or drip. Excellent for automotive and industrial use. Forms a protective shield against rust and corrosion.
  FILUB LH 12 - 4612/1
A pure water white blend of "Codex" oil. - Offers excellent lubrication for food handling equipment - (not for direct food contacts)
 FILUB LG 12 - 4612
A pure water white blend of "Codex" oil with an inert thickener. For Incidental Food Contract - Offers excellent lubrication for food handling equipment - (Do not use the aerosol package in direct food contacts)
1°) Deseize - 2°) Lubricate - 3°) Clean - 4°) Water proof - 5°) Rust proof

This superior penetrating oil is formulated to travel easily into small cracks and along threaded fasteners for fast, thorough action. Loosens parts seized by rust, scale corrosion, dirt, carbon or gum. Never dries - Displace moisture - This clear lubricant/penetrant stops and prevents corrosion, thus saving repair and maintenance time. It is ideally suited for refrigeration equipment, automobiles, workshops, etc.
APPLICATIONS: Release of rusted or frozen lugs, bolts, screws, fasteners and metal components; lubrication of tightfitting parts; general overhaul or repair work, light lubrication of locks, hinges, tools. Fragrance : Petroleum
  FIGRIP ST - 4456
A STANDARD MOISTURE DISPLACING & PENETRATING OIL. This special multipurpose product is formulated to lubricate, penetrate, displace moisture and prevent corrosion. Fragrance : Petroleum
  FIGRIP ODOR - 3504
PENETRANT LUBRICANT WITH CITRUS EXTRACT - A highly concentrated product formulated to quickly penetrate and loosen rusted and frozen parts. Special additives enable this formula to lubricate by leaving a residual film that also displaces moisture. Reduces friction, wear and tear without the dangers of ozone depleters or chlorinated solvents. Fragrance: Citrus
  FIGRIP A2 - 3499
PENETRATING OIL - for incidental food contacts. Contains no petroleum distillates -
 FILUB MOLY S - 3139
Unique, Molybdenum Disulfide dry film lubricant, containing an acrylic special bonding resins to provide a strong, thin film that separates sliding surfaces and stops metal to metal contact. - Do not contain water or oil - Prevents seizing, galling and fretting of steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and in certain instances, plastic and wood.
 FILUB MOLY G 2 - 3473
Premium grade grease. The molybdenum disulfide in our product reduces friction and protects against excessive wear from extreme loads.
SPECIAL DRIPLESS WIRE ROPE LUBRICANT - Spray like oil... stick like grease - This product is an outstanding multipurpose wire rope lubricant with Molybdenum disulfide for greater lubrication and protection of cables and wire ropes. Extremely water, rust and corrosion resistant. - Continued use of this product reduces chain whip, vibration and noise, also protects against galling, seizing and wear, thus adds life to chain cable and sprockets. Recommended for use on: Hinge, slide, motor bike and bicycle chain, derricks, cranes, draglines, guy wiring, machinery, machine shops, cars & trucks, homes, oil rigs, office buildings, cargo hoists, industrial and for marine applications.
  FILUB MOLY PM2 - 4313
 Concentrated dispersion of colloidal molybdenum disulfide in silicone oil for maximum slipping . Do'nt attack rubber, leather, plastic.
  FILUB SIL 6 - 3439/1
All Purpose Silicone Oil Lubricant. A non toxic, odorless, high heat resistant silicone lubricant that waterproofs, prevents rust and will not stain. - Special additives permit penetration into hard to reach areas. - This light duty, medium viscosity silicone product (textile grade) is formulated to provide excellent all around protection, lubrication and restoration properties. Applications include heat sealing and packaging equipment, automotive and industrial equipment, garden tools, cutting edges. - Use this product to reduce friction on cutting tables, sewing needles, knives and cutters, weather stripping, springs, sliding wood surfaces, sewing machines, sliding tracks, doors, windows, locks, hinges, drawers and zippers, springs,. Protect and restore any rubber, plastic and vinyl parts, leather, weather stripping, with periodic coatings. An excellent release agent for rubber molding.
  FILUB SIL 6 G - 3439/1
This silicone grease is heat stable, will not freeze or melt, and is not affected by oil or water. Forms a protective, flexible shield for rubber, weather stripping and automotive window moldings. Keeps battery terminals clean and corrosion free, Weatherproofs ignition systems. Lubricates locks and prevents freezing. weather stripping, springs, sliding wood surfaces, sewing machines, sliding tracks. In non-aerosol package this grease is FOOD SAFE. Use when manufacturing products or materials which will eventually come into contact with food or in making food handling equipment. Excellent for use as a lubricant for such things as slides, guides, belts, ovens, grinders, mixers, slicing machines and other food equipment and machinery. Color Clear Translucent
 FIFLON SEC - 3157
PTFE DRY LUBRICANT AND RELEASE AGENT. - A multipurpose lubricant that is non-staining, non-oily, and will not easily rub off. Formulated of pure PTFE specially combined with an acrylic and mineral carrier. - Coats surfaces with a chemically inert film - Resistant to most chemicals and solvents - Dries to a white film. - Low coefficient of friction (.02 to .04) - Excellent for use in industries where cleanliness and non contamination are critical. - Effective to + 230°C. APPLICATIONS: Lubricant and sealant for packing glands, rotating, sliding or moving parts, surfaces requiring reduced friction at low loads. Release agent for molds - Excellent for use on wood furniture, chutes, box conveyors, leather, rubber, etc.
  FILUB TEF 20 - 3455
WHITE LITHIUM GREASE - Formulation includes PTFE* materials to promote the ultimate in thin film lubrication. Heat, friction and drag are reduced, thus protecting machinery and requiring less frequent lubrication. Consistency is maintained even after severe operating conditions. An exceptional coating for prevention of rust and corrosion. Reduces friction between surfaces of similar or different materials. This multipurpose grease is designed for a myriad of uses. It's used to lubricate, waterproof, rustproof practically everything. It stops squeaks in springs, hinges, chains, doors, windows. It will unstick drawers, doors, windows, zippers, locks, wheels. Helps to weatherproof shoes, golf bags, fishing tackle, sporting goods, boating equipment, etc. Aids in preventing corrosion on metal parts, auto chrome, bicycles, boots, battery terminals. Lubricates rubber, saws, tools, etc. Excellent for use in the packaging, automotive, and marine/aircraft industries. Protection and lubrication is assured when used for king pins, ball joints, chassis, universals, fifth wheel and bearings.
* PTFE=similar to TEFLON - Teflon is DU PONT de NEMOURS trade mark

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