AIR SUPER 2 - 3433
Glycolized air sanitizer. The blend of glycols and quaternary ammonium chlorides gives excellent control of unpleasant odors. Especially suited for use in washrooms, auditoriums, public rooms, hotel lobbies, theaters, hospitals, classrooms, railroads, airplanes, buses, taxicabs, sitting rooms, locker rooms, factories, department stores. AIR SUPER will aid in the controlling of odors such as body odors, stale smoke, cooking odors, etc. Frequent use will provide refreshed, pleasant air all day. Odors=Mint, Citrus.
Pleasantly scented fragrances that refreshes the air and helps eliminate musty odors. In glass container with pump actuator. Odors=Mint, Fresh, Anthos, Frutty, Floral, vanilla.

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