"Aluminum brighteners"

 FIDOX AL 600 - 3435
Is a gentle cleaner and brightener to remove oxidation and corrosion from aluminum surfaces. - Can be used on food processing equipments.
 FIDOX AL 4 - 4385
Extra duty activated formulation - General purpose uses - Is not a degreaser.
 FIDOX AL 5 - 3050
ALUMINUM CLEANER & BRIGHTENER This formula is designed to brighten aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is a balanced compound that penetrates and dissolves oxidized surface film, bringing out the natural luster of the metal. Excellent for maintenance of aluminum and alloy highway trailers and mobile homes, stainless trailers and aluminum building panels, maintening an attractive, clean appearance. Contains hydrofluoric acid salt, so avoid contact with glass - Removes black soot.
FIDOX INOX 2 - 4183
EXTRA STRONG - Use on cast aluminum to remove black layers - Generally used in tank dip.
 FIDRO AMS - 3159
A POWDERED ACID SALT FOR REPLACEMENT OF LIQUID ACIDS - A dry acid salt which replaces most liquid acids. Since FIDRO AMS is a powder, it may be handled by unskilled personnel with no special equipment, thus reducing potential hazards associated with liquid acids. SAFER TO HANDLE. No special handling equipment required. No danger of spillage of liquid acids. No hazardous or corrosive fumes, either dry or when in solution.
SAFER TO EQUIPMENT. 3 times less corrosive than hydrochloric acid. Has been formulated to offer maximum protection to equipment during the de-scaling process. In addition, FIDRO AMS is used as a pickel for removing oxide films, heat treating and welding scale. Scale removal rate is increased at elevated temperatures. For descaling in the food-processing and bottling industries, heat-exchange equipment, autoclaves and humidifiers, condensers, boilers, water softeners, Humidifier, industrial washers, hard water scale and rust from air conditioning equipment, brewing equipment, etc.
 FIDOX DP 49 - 4483
Phosphoric acid based cleaner and descaler - Excellent for removing oxides from food processing equipment, also removes light rust from ferrous surfaces without rerusting, cleans and degreases concrete, quarry and ceramic floors, colorless, practically odorless and non-fuming.
 FIDOX DP 300 - 3051
Cold Rust remover and cleaner for metal surfaces. FIDOX DP 300 is usable for ferrous metals and aluminum. It will clean light rust, grease and oil from metal surface, leaving a protective coating residue. FIDOX DP 300 act as special pretreatment for galvanized-steel prior to painting.
UPDATED : Oct, 20 1999 

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